Collection Description

This project is currently being worked on by a group of volunteers from the Haven School Neighborhood. They are actively seeking images and memories to be included in the project.

Ultimately, a database of photographs and personal stories of the Haven School Neighborhood will be included in this space. The database will be created from photographs and stories contributed by the people who actually lived there. The database will be dynamic, in that the computer program being used allows for comments--print and voice-- to be added as the project grows.

OVERVIEW OF THE HAVEN SCHOOL NEIGHBORHOOD: Puddle Dock and the South End are the oldest neighborhoods in Portsmouth, which was settled in 1623. The site of the first building built specifically for a school was near the site of the Haven School. It was built and opened around 1713. In 1846 the Haven School was built. It is a brick structure and contained four graded schools: infant, primary, intermediate, and grammar. In 1969 the Little Harbor School replaced the Haven School. In 1978 the old Haven Elementary School was turned into six condominiums.

Haven School Neighborhood consists of the South End and Puddle Dock (now Strawbery Banke) areas. This neighborhood has been central to all that has happened in Portsmouth since its settlement. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of this neighborhood is at the core of the history of the entire City. Whether the focus is Settlement, Revolution, Maritime Activity, Economic Decline, Revitalization, or even Acculturation, the Haven School Neighborhood provides the core for study.

A scrapbook of historic photographs of people and places in the neighborhood already exists and has been scanned to form the core part of the collection. These photographs were compiled as part of a Puddle Dock reunion (a Haven School neighborhood) and given to Portsmouth Public Library. Other photographic collections have been identified, and it is estimated there will be several hundred more photographs readily available. Former residents are being contacted and will be asked to contribute photographs and stories.

If you have stories and photos you would like to share, please contact Sherm Pridham